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The Broadcast Professionals of Colorado was founded in 1997. It is a non-profit organization,dedicated to preserving Colorado's rich broadcasting heritage. Membership is open to broadcasters who have worked full time in the radio and television industry at Colorado Radio or TV stations.

BPC meets quarterly with luncheon programs that feature speakers on topics of interest to the broadcast community.

BPC has established the Colorado Broadcast Professionals Hall of Fame with an awards luncheon in the fall of each year. The specific date will be posted on the BPC home page prior to the event. Our inductees to the BPC Hall of Fame are men and women who have made significant contributions to the field of broadcasting and communications in Colorado in Radio and Television.

Each year, we award a scholarship to a deserving area college student in the communications field.

Members are encouraged to participate in Programs and activities

  • Membership
    As the organization grows, it will become more vital and effective in fulfilling its mission. Our initial membership was from broadcasters who were active in the business in the 1940's into the 1970's. We want those next generations of broadcasters to contribute their experiences in the industry. Those years have seen dramatic changes in both Radio and Television. It is part of Colorado's history that needs to be addressed in the BPC.

  • Oral History and Artifacts
    We are starting a visual and oral recording program of the Broadcast Professionals so the history of the early years in the industry is not lost. It will be an archive to show broadcast students, scholars and professionals of the significant contributions of our Broadcast Professionals. Artifacts will be collected for future reference to show the changes in technology and programming over the years.

  • Recognition
    A BPC Hall of Fame has been created to honor lifetime or special achievement of outstanding Colorado broadcasters.

  • Library
    Books, scripts, video and audio tapes and other materials of historic value to Colorado broadcasting are being collected and appropriate repositories are being identified.

  • Fund Raising

    If our organization is to accomplish our goals, there is a need to seek financial assistance for the projects beyond our basic membership.  If you have a special interest in Broadcast history, your contribution will be welcomed.  Broadcast Professionals of Colorado is a Non-Profit organization and is tax deductible.  To contribute, or ask questions, contact us at Broadcast Professionals of Colorado, 2500 Fenton St. Edgewater, CO 80214.