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Colorado's Broadcast Video History


The Broadcast Professionals of Colorado are proud to present these historic clips of Colorado's broadcast past. Among the clips you will find members of our organization including some of our Hall of Famers and examples of programs and advertising produced in Colorado over the last 50 years. If you have clips you'd like to see included on this page, please contact Phil Stinemates.


View a 1992 episode of Senior Showcase, a Rocky Mountain PBS production hosted by BPC Hall of Famer John Rayburn.

This program features Hall of Famers Gene Amole, Merwin Smith and Pete Smythe along with Fred Leo disucssing the Golden Age of Denver radio.


KOA-TV and Radio moved their facilities to a new location in 1959 to better accomodate the growing needs of the television operation. This segment features a walkthrough of the newsroom, studios and equipment rooms of the then state of the art facility. Featuring Pete Smythe, narrated by Ed "Weatherman" Bowman, Bob Shriver and introduced by Today Show host Dave Garroway.

This footage is from a longer program detailing the history of KOA-TV produced in the 1970s. Thanks to Dick True for this rare and unique footage.

Shriver 5.09

Hear one of Denver's legendary Radio and TV announcers, Bob Shriver, recreate a live broadcast for a live broadcast from the Trocadero Ballroom.

Thanks to Don Mueller for the video. (Requires Windows Media 9 or later to view)


Denver Advertising Federation 100th Anniversary Video Part One - Television spots from Colorado's past. Featuring Pete Smythe, Dick Lewis and many more.
(2 minutes)


Carl Akers

Denver Advertising Federation 100th Anniversary Video Part Two - Radio and television spots from the 1950s to the 1990s. Featuring Bob Butz, Ed Scott, Carl Akers and more. (4:46)


Sheriff Scotty

Ed Scott as Sheriff Scotty

This video is a tribute done for Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Famer Ed Scott featuring highlights from his extensive broadcasting career. (2:28)